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The founding members have been cooperating on joint projects for more than 5 years


Training invitation: Psychology of salesman

Online virtual learning solution

  • Date: 9.6.2022
  • Time: 13:00-16:00
  • Price: 179 Eur bez DPH

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May 2022

Through the eyes of HR - cvmango

Take a look behind the scenes of the companies. “Through the Eyes of HR” podcast addresses topics that inspire HR professionals. Hosts of Jana Sliacká from cvmango discuss HR technologies, recruitment, talent management, HR marketing, corporate culture and strategic HR.

Categories: Business Career Management

Listen to the podcast at: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS

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BDO on Business & blockchain

The global adoption of digital currencies has seen an increase in usability of almost 900% in the previous year. However, the innovative efforts of our entrepreneurs often end with a decision on tax residence in another country. The potential of Slovak companies should not remain untapped. Therefore, a new type of service is entering the market. You may find the whole article here.

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November 2021

Cooperation with The Slovak University of Technology on project "Automatization of KYC (Know your client) Processes a AML (Anti-money laundering)

The aim of the project is to create a platform to ensure identity verification in accordance with the law (KYC) and fraud prevention (AML), which will meet the requirements of regulators. This platform will ensure secure, simple and fast verification of the user’s identity and assess compliance with the rules of the liable person. The project will contribute to the automation of the registration process or verification of digital identity, which can be used in various industries.

A group of STU students was involved in the cooperation and development of the platform. BDO as guarantor.



The Rise of Space Economy

Peter Gunda, Member of the Board of SBIC and Managing Partner of BDO, commented on the topic at RTVS:

“At BDO, we try to map promising industries, look beyond the horizon of today and look for where our clients could invest.”
Investment opportunities also arise for Slovak companies, which perceive the potential of the space economy more and more – where should their investments go and what are the main trends in the space economy?

Find out more in the 39th to 46th minute of RTVS Morning News.



HR WORKSHOP - Logistics, transport, forwarding - trends and challenges of HR in the post-covid period

A workshop organized by two SBIC members, Balanced HR and, took place at D1 Center Senec. The event addressed new challenges and trends arising from the post-pandemic era.

1. Flash reports from HR: cvmango – findings from currently implemented webinars and surveys

2. HR development in the e-commerce segment, logistics (wages, trends, new locations)
(Balanced HR – presentation)

3. Panel discussion on the following topics:

  • How to be prepared for expansion in this segment in terms of human resources?
  • How are the agencies fulfilling their obligations, how else are LP Senec companies looking for their employees? Has the year 2020 changed anything in common practice?
  • Local labor market vs. Slovak labor market.
  • Workforce from abroad.
  • Work automation and autonomous warehouses.
  • How to promote the Senec Logistics Park on the market as a brand?


Konferencia Future of Slovakia (Slovakia 2030) – connection to EU Next Generation

  • 3 days conference.
  • Cooperation with universities/students.
  • Creation of student expert groups.
  • The aim is to connect students’ opinion on where and how Slovakia should go and move forward with experts from the business environment and thus propose the best possible alternatives for the next steps of the Slovak Republic, with regard to the Recovery Plan and its 5 areas.
  • The resulting proposals of the expert groups will be submitted to government /public institutions.
  • Promotion of the event and the Cluster in media.


Training for the cluster members - Modern and Effective Leadership Methods I

  • Lecturer: Dušan Straňák – BALANCED HR
  • Online webinar
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Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic - mutual agreement on cooperation

  • Active promotion of the Cluster members’ activities.
  • Created new contacts and business opportunities for members.
University-of-Nicosia-Logo (1)

University of Nicosia (Cyprus) - collaboration on blockchain projects

  • Established cooperation and found opportunities for joint projects.
  • An important contact was established for the  Blockwalks Conference with The Cyprus Blockchain Association.


Also this year BDO supported Futureton

Students were invited to get involved in developing a project in one of three areas – Education, Sustainability or Social Issues.

During the final event, the winners of individual categories were announced, their projects were discussed, and representatives of BDO, TPA, Pixel Federation and Nexteria evaluated the course of this year.

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Indirect Tax News: Issue 1/2022 - January 2022

In this report you can find two feature articles: one article looks at a tumultuous period in EU-U.S. trading relations and the way forward and the second feature examines the agreement in the EU to update and modernize the reduced VAT rates rules.

Feel welcomed to read the January 2022 issue of BDO’s Indirect Tax News here. 

December 2021

Informational newsletter for members

The cluster will start publishing a newsletter for members and partners on a quarterly basis.


October 2021

Cyber Security Month

SBIC regularly informs its members and partners about the possibilities to participate in various activities:

2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, but unfortunately, it was also a year of increased cyber-attacks. That is why cyber security with the slogan “Find your dead spot” became the central theme for BDO in October.

During the month of October, several BDO centers of excellence organized various webinars dealing with various aspects of cyber security. The complete program is available here and all webinars have been opened to anyone interested in cybersecurity



The Perspective of Space Economy

In the economic block of TA3, Peter Gunda, Member of the Board of SBIC and Managing Partner of BDO, spoke:

Which areas of the economy will be most affected and which sector has the greatest investment potential?

“We are trying to look far beyond the next 5 years. We are looking for new perspectives on economics, whether it is blockchain or space economics. Robotization and service automation is our MUST.”

The Managing Partner at BDO, Peter Gunda, will tell you more in this interesting discussion of the TA3 economic block.


Publication of article on website


Participation of the SBIC representative in the meeting with the aim of preparation for the certification for the bronze badge of excellence awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA)

The meeting took place on 18 June 2021 from 9:00 to 12:00 at the headquarters of SIEA Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency.

The program:

  • An introductory part devoted to an overview of the obstacles and pitfalls of certification.
  • Exchange of information between clusters on the issue of registration on the ECCP platform,
  • Individual consultations on the progress of clusters applying for re-certification.


Online meeting with a representative of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

Mr. Dr. Ing. František Simančík, (a member of the SAS presidency), presented the structure, activities and areas of interest for future cooperation. The SAS has 44 scientific institutes, approx. 3,000 employees and an annual budget of 85 mil. €. SAS is interested in the transfer of innovations with the commercial sphere and in connecting the needs of SMEs with the solutions of experts from SAS.


Online meeting with representatives of SIEA

  • Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) is a contributory organization established by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.
  • Our members discussed the direction of the Cluster and further development with Mr. Dr. Vladimir Borza – Director of the Programs and Analyzes Department, Section for Innovation and International Cooperation and with Mrs. Ing. Renata Magulova a project manager SIEA and an expert for The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

October 2020

Established cooperation with The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

  • A representative of SAS is assigned to monthly meetings with the management of the Cluster.
  • Members of the cluster cooperate with SAS in the support for the transfer of technologies and innovation.
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Cooperation with The Slovak University of Technology

  • Project: Creating a platform for introducing innovation into industrial practice.
  • Creating contacts between business entities and The Slovak University of Technology.
  • Support for the transfer of innovation.
  • Promotion of the Project and the Cluster in media.


Training invitation: Effective Negotiation Skills in Purchasing

Online virtual learning solution

  • Date: 30.5.2022
  • Time: 13:30-16:30
  • Price: 149 Eur bez DPH

Effective Negotiation Skills in Purchasing

  • The Five Styles of Negotiation
  • The Win-Win result is the best for long-term business relationships
  • How to prepare for the negotiation meeting
  • Techniques of how to discuss and negotiate fees with clients
  • How to handle the client who will not make a decision
  • How active listening makes you a better negotiator
  • When and how to make concessions: People put a higher value on concessions they think they’ve earned
  • How can you discover that you are the preferred choice of the client?
  • The value and strategy of saying NO
  • The best ways to negotiate price
  • Ego is your worst enemy in Negotiations
  • How to recognize Dirty Tricks by the other side and how to handle them
  • The Power of Silence in getting an agreement
  • Does emotion belong in a negotiation?
  • The Walk Out – How to use this technique
  • Dealing with requests for discount
  • How to leave the client satisfied with a Win-Win agreement
  • You have more power than you realize in a negotiation with the client. How to use this power
  • An opportunity to practice negotiation skills and receive feedback from the trainer and colleagues

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December 2021

Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE

Our organisation fulfills the set of “Eligibility Criteria for Cluster Management Excellence Labels” and actively participated in a benchmarking process organised by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

The certificate expires on December 31st, 2023.



The potential of blockchain technology and its regulation

Peter Gunda, Member of the Board of SBIC and Managing Partner of BDO, expressed himself on the topic:

“The potential of blockchain applications is really enormous. It brings with itself significant process optimization and thus space for the creation of new products.

The problem, however, is its vague and in many respects even absent regulation. Unless the state sets clear rules in this area clearly and predictably, the market will either self-regulate or bypass Slovakia for a high degree of risk. That would clearly be a pity for this promising technology, “he told

You can read the whole article here.



Participation in Cluster Half-day in SIEA - New impulses for cluster cooperation and internationalization

A combination of a direct and online session.


  • Opening and information from the working group for clusters at the EC (Ing. Artur Bobovnický, CSc., SIEA)
  • Introduction of the Slovak Cluster Monitor (RNDr. Vladimír Borza, SIEA) and current events within the international project ClusterFY (Mgr. Alexandra Vavrdová, SIEA)
  • Information on calls OPII-MH / DP / 2020 / 9.5-28, OPII-MH / DP / 2020 / 10.3-29 (Department of Management, Support and Methodology of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic)
  • Break
  • Block of presentations reserved for individual clusters – Good examples of practice from the pandemic period, outputs and recommendations.
  • Cluster certification preliminary plan for 2021 and the pitfalls of bronze certification (Ing. Renáta Magulová, RNDr. Katarína Ružičková, SIEA).
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

April 2021

Webinar for the Cluster members opened also for SMEs

  • Topic: Legal aspects of the transfer of scientific and technological information, knowledge and uses of intellectual property rights to third parties.
  • The event guarantor: bnt attorneys at law, s.r.o. – bnt is one of the leading international business law firms in CEE countries.
  • Promotion of the event and the Cluster in media.


Online webinar Rethink Strategy

  • The rethink of the future has become one of the pillars of strategic decision-making, regardless of what stage the company is in, or what kind of steps/measures has been taken by the company as a result of COVID-19.
  • Presentation: Rethink – prehodnotenie buducnosti


Training for Cluster members: Effective Body Language - Microexpressions

  • Lecturer: Dušan Straňák
  • Online webinar

since 2018

Blockwalks Conference - cooperation on the preparation of the next session

  • 2 successful years 2018 and 2019.
  • The conference under the auspices of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the European Commission, discussing the use of blockchain technology in the public sector in order to shape an effective public administration.


Webinar for the Cluster members opened also for SMEs

  • Topic of the webinar: Internal and external threats for businesses
  • Lecturer: Martin Provazník – bnt attorneys at law, s.r.o.

SME Booster and Innovations Cluster