Aims and Objectives of the Cluster

Our vision

Build up a platform for cooperation between service organizations, economic entities (industrial enterprises), educational institutions and research and development institutions. Build up an active and cooperative network with developed specialized expertise, innovative tailored services, resources and skills. A network that is supporting the transfer of knowledge and innovation, stimulating innovation activities and internationalization, providing specialized support for growth not only to its members but also to partner organizations.

We want to build up and develop a functioning cluster organization whose members and partners operate on the principle of mutual trust, solidarity and cooperation in an effort to protect the legitimate and justified interests of its members. We want to be a trustworthy partner for all members, but also regional authorities from the professional sphere and from the local and state administration.

Our mission

Linking business with science and education, supporting the introduction and use of innovative knowledge and new technologies in business, but also supporting the international growth of members and partner organizations through a network of actors by supporting exchange of information, transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions, stimulating innovation and internationalization.

SME Booster and Innovations Cluster